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1.Patriots believe Brady will still play (Rotoworld) According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, "inside the building" there is a belief at Patriots headquarters that suspended QB Tom Brady "ends up on the field." Analysis: RapSheet isn't specific about when the Patriots expect Brady "on the field," but this presumably is in reference to Week 1. The Patriots are staying optimistic that Brady's four-game suspension could be overturned or postponed in a court of law. We've seen betting books take the Patriots' Opening Day game against the Steelers off the board while the situation plays out.6 hours
2.Tom Brady fires back: They have zero evi... (Rotoworld) Suspended QB Tom Brady wrote on Facebook Wednesday morning, "I am very disappointed by the NFL’s decision to uphold the 4 game suspension against me. I did nothing wrong, and no one in the Patriots organization did either." Analysis: "...To try and reconcile the record and fully cooperate with the investigation after I was disciplined in May, we turned over detailed pages of cell phone records and all of the emails that Mr. [Ted] Wells requested," Brady continued. "...There is no "smoking gun" and this controversy is manufactured to distract from... (More)9 hours
3.Patriots | Tom Brady defends broken phone (USA Today) Updating previous reports, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady posted on Facebook that he replaced his broken phone with a new one after his attorneys told the NFL "my actual phone device" would not be investigated. His representatives turned over requested cell phone records and emails, Brady said, and tried to obtain text messages from his old phone.9 hours
4.Patriots | Tom Brady offers lesser penalty (USA Today) Updating a previous report, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady could have had his suspended reduced based on a series of conditions. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL was willing to drop the suspension by "at least 50 percent" if Brady admitted to having knowledge of what the team's staff was doing to footballs, he admitted to failing to cooperate with the Ted Wells investigation and he apologized.17 hours
5.NFL offered Brady 2 games for guilty adm... (Rotoworld) PFT's Mike Florio reports the NFL offered suspended QB Tom Brady a two-game reduction on his four-game suspension in exchange for a guilty admission. Analysis: Per Florio's source, Brady had to admit to admit to having knowledge of whatever ball men John Jastremski and Jim McNally were doing to the footballs, admit to failing to cooperate with the Ted Wells investigation and the apologize. Brady's ban would have then dropped to at least two games and possibly one. It appears Brady is dead-set on taking the NFL to court to get his suspension wiped out completely or he's going to take... (More)21 hours
6.Report: Brady settlement was on the tabl... (Rotoworld) NFL Network reports the sides were "moving close" to a settlement that would have reduced Tom Brady's suspension to one game, but that the league refused to "seal" the records. Analysis: For its part, the NFLPA called the report "rubbish." In a searing and vitriolic statement Tuesday afternoon, the players association also officially announced it would be appealing Brady's suspension to federal court.1 day
7.Tom Brady 'definitely' seeking injunctio... (Rotoworld) The New York Daily News reports Tom Brady will "definitely" file for an injunction to stay his four-game suspension while the legal process plays out. Analysis: The league has already sought to "confirm" Brady's suspension in federal court, while Brady is prepared to file a lawsuit of his own. We're nowhere near the end of this melodrama, which has been given the gravity of an international incident.1 day
8.Patriots | NE still wins without Tom Brady (USA Today) New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is facing a four-game suspension, but the Patriots have done fairly well without him. In games Brady has missed since he became a starter in 2001, New England has gone 10-5. They have averaged about two fewer points per game and about 27 fewer passing yards per game. However, their rushing yards have increased from 115.7 yards per game to 143.5 yards per game. Their total yards per game have actually increased as well from 366.8 yards per game to 367.3 yards per game.1 day
9.Patriots | Tom Brady taking appeal to court (USA Today) New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has given permission to the NFL Players Association to appeal his case in federal court, according to a source. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell upheld Brady's four-game suspension for his involvement in deflating footballs in last year's postseason.1 day
10.Leg up: NFL asks feds to confirm Brady's... (Rotoworld) Bloomberg's Scott Soshnick reports the NFL has asked the U.S. District Court in Manhattan to "confirm" Tom Brady's four-game suspension. Analysis: In other words, they're suing Brady before he can sue them. Brady's 2014-15 decision to slightly under-inflate his footballs has resulted in an all-out war with the league. The SportsBusiness Journal's Daniel Kaplan speculates the league's suit is designed to get the matter out of judge David Doty's jurisdiction. Doty has often been a thorn in the NFL's side. Brady's case is looking a bit shaky amidst the revelation he intentional... (More)1 day
11.NFL Upholds Tom Brady's 4 Game Suspension (FFChamps) The NFL has ruled to uphold New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady's, four game suspension. Brady has said publicly he will sue the league if the suspension was not reduced.  Legal experts say he will "seek an injunction that will allow him to play while his case works its way through the courts."  Analysis: If Brady is granted the injunction, he may be under-center in Week 1 and have the federal courts make a ruling on the case at a later date. For now we are expecting to see JimmyGaroppolo as the Patriots starting QB when New England opens... (More)1 day
12.NFL upholds Tom Brady's four-game suspen... (Rotoworld) The league has upheld Tom Brady's four-game suspension. Analysis: After a summer of waffling, commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to hold firm on Brady's shockingly-severe punishment. It means the matter is now headed to federal court, where Brady will sue the league. Brady will reportedly "seek an injunction that will allow him to play while his case works its way through the courts." Buried in the league's statement was confirmation that Brady destroyed his cellphone, apparently on the same day he met with investigator Ted Wells. Reading the reports, "Deflategate&q... (More)1 day
13.Patriots | Tom Brady's suspension upheld (USA Today) Updating a previous report, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's four-game suspension has been upheld by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Tuesday, July 28.1 day
14.NFL sticks with 4-game suspension for Brady (FFToday) NFL upholds Tom Brady's 4-game suspension, per source. Story continues. Now on to court. Analysis: The saga continues. The four-game suspension isn't severe... It's justified. Instead of taking the punishment, Brady will likely continue to push the issue into the courts. There's a possibility Brady could play until his case his heard but we'll gain more details on that scenario in the coming days/weeks.1 day
15.Tom Brady (RotoWire) Talks on a possible settlement between Brady (suspension) and the NFL continued Tuesday, ESPN.com reports. Analysis: The case is expected to be resolved within the next day or two, with Brady hoping for a seemingly unlikely reduction or elimination of his four-game suspension. If the suspension is upheld, he's expected to go to federal court and seek an injunction that would allow him to play while the case is worked out. More information should be available at some point this week.1 day
16.Schefter: Brady, NFL still talking settl... (Rotoworld) Sources tell ESPN's Adam Schefter that Tom Brady and the NFL were still discussing a settlement as of Tuesday morning. Analysis: It remains highly unlikely the two sides will reach an agreement before Patriots training camp opens Thursday. Stephen A. Smith is "hearing" the four-game ban will be upheld within the next 24-48 hours, which is the no-brainer outcome given Roger Goodell's stance on the matter. Of course, none of this matters too much as Brady is widely expected to challenge the NFL in court. He will "seek an injunction that will allow him to play while his ca... (More)1 day
17.Patriots | Tom Brady settlement talks continue (USA Today) New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's legal team is expected to continue settlement negotiations Tuesday, July 28, according to sources. If the suspension is upheld, Brady is expected to go to federal court and seek an injunction that will allow him to play while his case works its way through the courts.1 day
18.Rumor: NFL will uphold Brady's ban short... (Rotoworld) Appearing on ESPN, Stephen A. Smith said the NFL will announce Tom Brady's four-game suspension has been upheld within the next 24-48 hours. Analysis: Stephen A. is not the kind of media personality we like to cite for breaking news. But Adam Schefter also opined similarly Tuesday morning, saying the NFL doesn't feel "inclined to budge much" and adding he expects the suspension to stay at four games. Making an announcement before the Patriots open training camp Thursday is only fair. Brady and the NFLPA won't go down without a fight though, as they'll likely sue the NFL in c... (More)1 day
19.Patriots | Tom Brady suspension to be upheld? (USA Today) New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is expected to have his four-game suspension upheld, a source told ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. Smith said on "ESPN First Take" Tuesday, July 28, that a source told him "within the last hour," that unless something changed at the last minute, Brady's suspension would be upheld. Smith said an announcement is expected within the next 24 to 48 hours.1 day
20.Patriots | Tom Brady's case may be settled (USA Today) New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension still has not been announced, and the NFL is now open to talking with the NFL Players Association about a possible settlement in the case, according to sources. Brady is not expected to accept any suspension in a settlement with the NFL but is willing to accept a fine.2 days
21.Report: NFLPA and NFL talking on Brady c... (Rotoworld) Sources tell FOX Sports the NFLPA and the NFL had an "open line of communication" in recent days regarding a potential settlement of Tom Brady's case. Analysis: Despite the negotiations, we'd still be surprised if a settlement is reached. Brady won't accept missing any games and Roger Goodell is petrified of looking weak on discipline. Meanwhile, Brady was at the team facility Monday morning getting ready for Thursday's first day of camp. It's been five weeks since Brady formally appealed his four-game suspension.2 days
22.Report: IND, Ravens most vocal Brady cri... (Rotoworld) Speaking in a Friday radio interview, ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio said the Ravens and Colts are the "two most vocal" teams lobbying the league not to reduce Tom Brady's four-game suspension. Analysis: In other words, the Pats' most bitter rivals, and the two clubs they vanquished en route to Super Bowl XLIX. "(By reducing the suspension), you’re angering some of the hardcore owners out there," SalPal said. "(Those and others) in the AFC who believe the Patriots have gotten away with murder for years and have not been publicly punished properly." Commissioner... (More)4 days
23.Bills writer has Matt Cassel being cut (Rotoworld) ESPN Bills reporter Mike Rodak left Matt Cassel off his initial 53-man roster projection heading into training camp. Analysis: Rodak has been driving home the point that Cassel is squarely on the roster bubble in Buffalo. On his way-early roster projection, Rodak has the Bills keeping E.J. Manuel and Tyrod Taylor and cutting Cassel and Matt Simms. There's obviously plenty of time for Cassel to right his spring wrongs, but this just goes to show how truly awful he must have looked at OTAs and minicamp.5 days
24.Report: No Tom Brady ruling coming Frida... (Rotoworld) ESPN's Ed Werder reports there's "zero chance" the NFL will announce its ruling on Tom Brady's suspension appeal on Friday. Analysis: The NFL has been known to "news dump" on Friday afternoons heading into the weekend, but it doesn't sound like that's what we'll get regarding Brady this week. It's been six months since Brady was suspended. It's well past time for commissioner Roger Goodell to make up his mind on the appeal.5 days
25.Patriots | No Tom Brady decision Friday (USA Today) New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is unlikely to have a ruling on his appeal announced Friday, July 24.5 days
26.Report: Considerable support for Brady's... (Rotoworld) The Washington Post reports a settlement is unlikely in Tom Brady's appeal, and that league-wide support for his four-game ban is "considerable." Analysis: Mark Maske's report is via "people with knowledge of the sport’s inner workings." Instead of taking his medicine or negotiating a reduced ban, Brady appears hellbent on heading to court to get his punishment thrown out entirely. It's a fitting melodrama for a league that's been littered with them of late.6 days
27.Patriots | Union offered league deal for Tom Brady (USA Today) New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was the subject of a settlement offer from the NFL Players Association to the league last week, but the offer was met with silence by the NFL, according to a source. It is believed Brady is holding firm on his refusal to accept any suspension, though he would consider accepting a fine. If the NFL upholds any part of his four-game suspension, he is expected to go to federal court to fight the decision.6 days
28.Brady made NFL a Deflategate settlement ... (Rotoworld) A source tells ESPN's Dan Graziano that Tom Brady made the NFL a settlement offer regarding his Deflategate suspension last week. Analysis: The offer was met with "silence," according to Graziano's source. That's because Brady is believed to be holding firm with his willingness to accept a fine but will not accept being suspended for any games. Commissioner Roger Goodell can't afford to look weak and reduce Brady's four-game ban -- he'll be far better off letting a federal court do that. Again, this mess will not end when Goodell finally rules on the appeal as Brady will alm... (More)6 days